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Welcome to the Cornell University Women's Rugby Football Club Website!
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What does it take to be a Cornell Women's rugger? How does it feel to wear the jersey, honoring decades of champions while carving your own legacy? When you lace up your boots, as you stand waiting for kickoff, what words, images, thoughts race through your mind? Why play such a rough, dynamic, physical sport which pushes yourself to your physical and mental limits? The reasons we play are as diverse as the women that fill the CWRFC roster. Be a part of a sport, a team that will love you the same day that it tests you. We are engineers, artists, writers, club presidents. We excel on the stage, in the lab and on the pitch. From our national team members to our brand new rookies, and everyone in between, Cornell Women's rugby provides an unparalleled athletic and extracurricular experience. Discover your reasons for being a part of the toughest sport you'll ever love. Discover Cornell Women's Rugby.



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President: Alison Farrish
Match Secretary: Zanah Francis